Ready to use resources

With iQualify for Schools you will have access to our online NCEA resources. Based on ESA Publication’s resources, our resources are developed by New Zealand teachers to be used in New Zealand schools.

The popular ESA Publications resources have been updated for an online environment to include graphics, images, video, quizzes and activities. They are ready to use when you sign up to iQualify for Schools, or you can change them to suit your learners and context.

“I decided to use iQualify – two reasons really. One because of the content – the ESA content is New Zealand context based, and that’s often quite difficult to find. And it also means that I could guarantee that there was a certain level of quality to it.”

Danielle Myburgh, Science Teacher, Hobsonville Point Secondary School.

We currently have over 190 digital  resources available with iQualify for Schools, with more to be added.

Our learning management system (LMS) 

With iQualify for Schools you can build and deliver engaging learning experiences using the iQualify learning management system (LMS). iQualify gives you the tools to develop content pages, quizzes, activities and assessments. You can include videos, images or add 3rd party educational apps to your courses. You can also organise and reorganise your content at any time.

You can put all the resources students need in one place, freeing them from the distraction of other websites or having to search for resources.

Students can move through the learning materials at their own pace, take notes as they work and save content to their own study area to revise later. The dashboard clearly displays a student’s progress in courses and assessments.

Once pupils enter a course, their learning experience is guided by a clear flow from start to finish. You and your students can ask questions and have discussions alongside content, or use forums to discuss topics and ideas. This allows for easy teacher-student interactions inside and outside of the classroom, creating more opportunity for learning and discussion.