James Cook High School

iQualify NCEA resources

School James Cook High School   ৷   Location Manurewa, Auckland
Who Robin Veeran – Science Teacher  ৷  Phil Whata – Science Teacher  ৷  Alvin Chand – Head of Science  ৷  Adiel Adams – Science Teacher

For James Cook High School students and teachers, iQualify for Schools is helping them to connect with and support each other, whether they are in or out of class.

With iQualify for Schools, students and teachers can initiate and be involved in discussions in the iQualify platform. Teachers say that students will ask and respond to each other’s questions and bounce ideas around as they work through course content. Teachers can add to the discussion to steer students in the right direction or encourage deeper inquiry into a topic.

“Everyone’s online. They can see your questions and answer them. It brings the class together while we’re studying at home.”
Student, James Cook High School

The ready-to-use NCEA content also benefits students and teachers and enables flipped learning. Teachers can direct students to content before class so that they can come to class prepared and ready for what’s ahead. Students are able to move through the content at their own pace, which gives teachers more time to work with those who may need more time or support. It also reduces time needed for planning and preparing for classes, allowing teachers the time to think creatively about how to encourage learning.

When I compare iQualify with other platforms, iQualify has got a definite advantage because the content has been built and it is NCEA specific.

Alvin Chand, HOD Science and Physics