The ‘About’ page is where you explain what the website is about and provide background about yourself. Do not provide contact details or provide your email address, as these may fall into unwanted hands (instead, use a contact page).

You may want to consider adding:

Your ‘story’ – key biographical details that shaped your work

Education / Work history

Any awards / career highlights

Personal trivia / hobbies

For example, here is my rather formal effort:

My name is Amiria Gale. I am an artist, teacher and writer from New Zealand. While a stay-at-home mother, I taught myself how to create a website, so that I could share teaching resources for high school Art students. When my second daughter was born, I rebranded this website as www.studentartguide.com. I spent the next few years learning about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – and, through trial and error discovered a way to write content that is visited and shared by millions. Despite only managing to publish 0-3 articles a month, the Student Art Guide became one of the largest blogs in New Zealand, competing with sites that publish content daily and hire several full-time staff.  Student Art Guide site continues to grow, and currently receives half a million monthly pageviews. The website you are reading now, Portfolio Example, is part of a free tutorial to help artists, students and teachers create a successful, content-based website.

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